Housing Works AIDS-FREE Campaign Overview

Housing Works AIDS-FREE Campaign Overview

The Housing Works AIDS-FREE Campaign is a collaborative, multi-year initiative committed to ending the AIDS epidemic—in New York State by 2020, in the United States by 2025, and worldwide by 2030.


With recent advancements in science, data, and health-care access, we can end AIDS if we have the resolve, even without a cure—by dramatically reducing the number of new HIV infections and by bringing those living with HIV/AIDS to optimal health.

How We Can End AIDS Without a Cure

We can unravel the red ribbon, even without a cure. We have:

  • political will and global resources
  • momentum from advancements in health care, care coordination, and public policy
  • better tools across HIV care

Our community-driven AIDS-FREE advocacy campaign will rely on strategic partnerships with community-based organizations, PLWHAs, and government and administrative agencies. Housing Works’ role is to facilitate initiatives geared to on-the-ground realities in the three geographic realms and to promote a growing movement towards a collective end-of-AIDS agenda.

What It Means to be HIV+ & “Undetectable”

An HIV+ person on treatment that renders the virus “undetectable” is not only healthy but also virtually unable to transmit HIV to others. By combining effective biomedical strategies with interventions addressing social drivers of the disease, we can bring HIV below epidemic levels statewide, nationally, and globally.


aidsfreeglobegraphicTo make ending the AIDS epidemic a reality, we will need to continue to fight for:

  • 21st–CENTURY TESTING & ENHANCED DATA SHARING – Expanded, more effective testing and data sharing will increase our ability to diagnose HIV early, get HIV+ persons into care while they’re still healthy and help all persons at risk of and living with HIV benefit from new therapies.
  • EVIDENCE-BASED PREVENTION & TREATMENT – We need to expand evidence-based combination HIV prevention, including PrEP and PEP, and treatment for both HIV-negative and HIV-positive persons.
  • BRIDGING GAPS IN THE HIV CARE CONTINUUM – Bridging the gaps in the HIV continuum of care (also called the treatment cascade) will maximize the speed, proportion, and number of people able to successfully suppress their HIV as soon as possible once they are diagnosed.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE & VITAL SUPPORT SERVICES – Ending HIV stigma and ensuring the availability of essential supportive services like housing, nutrition, and employment, helps ensure that those who are HIV-negative remain negative and those who are HIV-positive not only get tested, diagnosed, and into care early, but stay in care and remain healthy.
  • SHARED COMMITMENT & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS – Over the past three decades, we’ve learned that any effective plan to address AIDS requires shared commitment: the political will of governments, coordination between health agencies at all levels, and the energy and dedication of AIDS activists, doctors, researchers, service providers, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.


The Housing Works AIDS-FREE Campaign is comprised of three geographically-focused sub-campaigns:

  • AIDS-FREE USA 2025, a multi-year plan to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States by 2025

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