Winds v. Turner

The emergency housing that New York City was providing to homeless people living with AIDS in the late 1990s and early 2000s was deplorable and life-threatening, as the City’s own studies concluded. In Winds v. Turner, Housing Works successfully challenged the City’s failure to provide medically appropriate emergency housing to homeless New Yorkers living with AIDS.

In a September 2002 decision, New York Supreme Court Judge Eileen Bransten ruled that the plaintiffs had established “that their housing was not suitable for healthy individuals, much less for ‘persons with severely compromised immune systems.’” Judge Bransten explained that “housing that is not habitable because of vermin, filth, lack of furnishings and inaccessibility, certainly cannot be considered ‘suitable.’” Judge Bransten found the facilities provided to petitioners by HASA “deficient in several respects,” and ordered the City immediately to remedy these defects.

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