Bookstore Cafe Volunteers

Bookstore Cafe Volunteers

Bookstore Cafe

“What I enjoy most about volunteering at Housing Works, aside from the relationships I’ve built, is the knowledge that my efforts directly affect a community that needs my help now more than ever. It really feels good to know that I’m making a difference.”

We have many exciting volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups in the bookstore and cafe. You can immerse yourself in a cozy, cultured atmosphere and give back to the community at the same time.

Also as a Housing Works Volunteer, you are encouraged to participate in any and all advocacy and activist activities. We hold rallies and civil disobedience actions wherever we can have a meaningful impact on pressing issues that affect homeless people and families living with HIV & AIDS.

Volunteer Requirements
• Complete the online application. At the bottom you must check that you have read and understand the Housing Works Volunteer Accepted Duty to Act and the HIV Attestation forms.
• Be at least 16 years of age to be a sales associate, and at least 18 years of age to be a barista.
• Attend a New Volunteer Information Session, to which you will be invited. Shortly after applying, you will get a conmfirmation email which will indicate any available open information session dates. The Bookstore Volunteer will confirm a volunteer information session date with you.
• Commit to one four-hour shift per week for a minimum of six months. We are not recruiting short-term volunteers, so please apply if you can find a shift that will fit with your schedule for the next six months.

Volunteer Shifts
Monday-Friday, 9-2p, 2-6p, 6-10p
Saturday-Sunday, 10-2p, 2-6p

Volunteer Positions

Bookstore Sales, Inventory
Our bookstore serves many purposes for the community and with that, our volunteers enjoy a wide variety of responsibilities! Bookstore Sales Associates price and shelve books, run the register, take donations, maintain sections and displays, and help customers.

Inventory & Internet Sales Volunteers
Inventory & Internet Sales Associates help to manage over 60,000 books listed online. You will process all of our customer orders, help pick books from shelves and pack them for shipping. Other responsibilities include helping to process donations, organizing and maintaining shelves and the packing area, and moving boxes of books.

Barista & Cafe Support
If you are looking for something more fast-paced and customer-oriented, join our team of Baristas! Responsibilities include making espresso drinks, serving food, stocking and maintaining the cafe, washing dishes, working at the cash register, and, most importantly, helping us sustain the warm, welcoming, and unique environment our café has come to provide. In addition to assisting our Baristas, our Cafe Support Volunteers primary tasks include bussing tables (removing garbage, clearing dishes, taking stray books to the front register), assist Bookstore Sales Volunteers when needed, and encourage customers and patrons to honor cafe rules

Prerequisites: This position is demanding! You must be willing to work hard and work well with people. Food handling and espresso-making experience are a plus, but as long as you are passionate about working in the cafe, we would love to train you! Finally, we serve alcohol, so baristas must be 18+

Special Project Volunteer
Our Special Project Volunteers are ready to fill positions at major and designated events, help out where we are understaffed, and other projects when needed. You must be prepared to transition store floor to and from performance space (assemble/disassemble stage, set up/clean up chairs, set up/break down extra bar, assist with Cafe needs, manage large crowds, empty trash cans, sweep, mop, and other duties relevant to opening and closing during an event). Event Volunteers also prepare, manage, and close a HWBC booth at an off site event (includes, but not limited to networking, selling books and other HWBC items, and hauling donated books back to the store).

Pre-requisites: Interested Special Project Volunteers must attend a mandatory orientation and volunteer a minimum of two projects a month. For events you may be required to serve or sell alcohol you must be 18+ and for off site opportunities a valid picture ID.

If you are interested in the Special Project opportunity, please contact the volunteer coordinator directly at volunteer@housingworksbookstore.org.

For individuals and groups interested in completing community service at the bookstore, please email Volunteer@housingworksbookstore.org.


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