Join Our Athletic Events

Join Our Athletic Events

No matter your ability or skill level we welcome you to join Team BRAKING AIDS®!


Great Cause

Since opening its doors, Housing Works has housed and provided supportive services to thousands of New Yorkers living with HIV or at risk of infection and has attracted national recognition for developing innovative, client-centered models of housing and services for hard-to-reach populations. Furthermore, we engage in relentless advocacy in pursuit of our mission to end the dual crises of AIDS and homelessness.

No matter what your ability or skill level, your participation will make a difference in the lives of men, women, and families living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.

Team Benefits

  • Individualized support, group training runs, etc.
  • Team meals, special events, apparel, etc.
  • Online fundraising tools
  • Fundraising support
  • e-Newsletters and updates

Athletic Events


Every dollar you raise for Housing Works helps support our relentless advocacy efforts to fight AIDS and homelessness, and also provides vital resources and services to people living with HIV, empowering them to lead healthy and rewarding lives.

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BRAKING AIDS® Ride 2022 (Sept. 8-10th) will be a 3-day, 275-mile cycling journey bringing together over a hundred individuals who travel on a spectacular route from Hudson Valley, NY to New York City, all to raise funds for Housing Works! On scenic trails through around New York State, riders catch glimpses of early fall foliage, while making memories with team members that last a lifetime.

To find out more about this incredible journey, and how participating in the Ride can help Housing Works visit: today!

Our Mission

Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.

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